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Sunday, January 16, 2011
Puffy fat clouds sigh. @ 9:47 AM

mi mala muachacha. ;)

Since i am playing some games on facebook, why not update my page for awhile.
Two days back; was having a dinner/reunion with my friends. I wouldn't say ex-classmates even though it seems so, don't like the sound of it.
Anyhow, being with them makes me another persona. It's like putting up with another mask. Strange, because i rarely have any mask to began with.
The ambiance at NSRCC was certainly good, but the food wasn't even a quarter to it. I talk as though i can cook better, but i am no better. But still i enjoyed the time with them, even though i was really in a sleepy mode/bored mode. Too much sugar this week and lack of exercise. Excuses.

Homework and assignments piling but i am strongly procrastinating. Seriously. I am getting sick of having to do so much school work. But i haven even done any/much. So i ought to get my brain to start concentrating/focusing.

Movie and dinner with Yang, fy and D. strange combination, but it is how i am. Later on met crystal before heading back to my place for after dinner snacks and game of monopoly. :)
Random things and laughters filled the day.
Feeling awfully irritated with myself. I got to get my self efficient working again.
I've got to learn how to be firm. But that also refers to "look someone is being negative and i am not going to help them, because it is none of my business and i will end up getting hurt with the person, so why not i live my life and let the person live his/hers with a sourness towards everyone and everything."

Sigh. What to do.

Teach me. Loves suie.

P/s: I really hate guys that have no balls at all.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.