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Monday, February 14, 2011
Are we connect. @ 6:20 AM

I am really sleepy right now, but before my dinner even gets digested i suppose i shouldn't knock out at this instance yet.

Recently, judgement has been bad for me. Making poor judgement of things and negativity getting me. I know i shouldn't but i broke down today. And i do not expect cares for me, even though at times as human, basically you crave for some. I might have sound a little desperate but honestly is is just being frustrated with myself.
It is true that i am a litle weird and quirky. Basically amounts to madness. True enough i am sort of copin gwell, but who knows the world might holly come out with a label 'Intelligience madness' And then, IMH part two.
Believe it or not, some day everyone's going to die but not everyone lives.
True enough things have changed, and like i realized it today. It was weird and all because two years back there will be joy on the table and that, the day will be spent with my friends/mates. It is like a thing we do routinal. But i guess nowadays people don't really fancy such things. Anyway, i took the initiative and did val's card for my classmates. I ain't sure if i made any last year but do hope it strucks their heart. ;)

Before i forget any, i haven mentioned quite about my House visitings. Been to michelle's and cassandra's only. It was fun, like a break once in awhile. Was really tired, but i really had quite a laugh. Sadly, i feel very much dettached. I do not know if it is just me getting emotional, or for the fact that, it has been really long not seeing them, and that i really have not had a good communications with people. Perhaps i am just tired. I feel like giving up. Everything. But i know i would deny and regret the fire and passion that i once had. The kind of spirit and sillyness that people smile and wished they had it once in awhile. I hope to be the reason people smile when they are down, not because i am such narcissm. Just because at least u know they will smile because of this.

Alright i really have some tired nerves. :(

Goign off. :) Byebye.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.