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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Random highway. @ 7:48 AM

'If being alone mean this a way, perhaps i have always been.' - suie
I am being mean. Perhaps not again, but rather stayed the same as i've changed.
Simple sentences i no longer hear. But ramblings actually goes into my ear.
-Perhaps i would contradict myself upon the things i believed. Till the day i die, living in realistically whilst believing and dreaming fantasies and mythologies.
Things i see every day, like the secrets i hear now and then;
Analogies, ethologies;
Literal seems much more simpler to me.
Tell me. How can most of the things be figurative, when we are taught of it literally.

I used to complain. Even now.
I used not to rant. But i do now.
I used to not miss. And now i remember.
I used to not bother. But i look at me now.

I am highly reactive to things about me. I am highly irritable. I used not to be. Oh. Take a look at me now. I can't remember what happen. Only when something fell. Or when i hear a song playing to how i am feeling, or when i actually listen to someone so dear.

I suppose i am about to stick to certain things.
More committed to God.
I will be very honest.
I want to not keep secrets.
So if you have any secrets, perhaps you don't want to tell me. (Unless you suppose you trust me enough and that no one is going to ask me about it. It's your choice.)
I am going to be oblivious to most comments; when they are not constructive, not beneficial, and worthless in my context.

I guess i am going to have a difficult time trying to get used to all that. Except for being committed to God. :) Because for this i will TRY MY BEST. :) Like listen to at least one Christian song a day. Ready at least a line/paragraph of the bible. :)

Word of the day: Metaphorical.

i am to leave the page and take a shower. Like now. :)


P/s: Perhaps you would detest me. Perhaps you would then be cross. But the truth is i am to say it in your face. Whatever it is. Literally. And do you notice, two of my sentences are actually figurative. Go figure.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.