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Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Who would be the one, when the day comes as i fall. @ 10:35 AM

I am a little exhaust and lethargic to think or a proper title. Yet i have a slight smile put on my face. This is when no one should step on my toes, because i might just keep my sentences (If i spoke) short and sharp. So you get the drift. I probably ought to continue the research that is due later on at about 1030 am, yet surely i am procrastinating due to certain things.

I am really some one who can't seem to not stretch myself so thin that if i am not careful, i might just snap. And some times i almost had the hope that i die. Too bad, Suicidal thoughts were and are never my thing. Perhaps some day, but never in the past nor now.

I wonder. If i am gone. Will things be better for some people? If i am gone, and it leads to realization, perhaps its a fair trade-off. But why am i even on this thought.
If it is devil hitting on me, i would say too bad. Because how attractive it may sound, i will not suicide. But maybe doing things that are detrimental to my health is already part of it. *laughs~*.
Seriously not on purpose. ;)

I should probably touch on Lunar year celebrations, yet maybe not. :)
I am semi craving for Ribena in the morning. I have to log off blogger before i get too far fetched. :)
Whatever. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.