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Saturday, February 26, 2011
when i am gone and over. @ 1:37 AM

There there. I am getting impatient over the trip to china. Part of me really wanna go there, and part of me actually felt foolish and rash in signing up to go. These days i have been quite hyped about photography, just a noobie, an amateur, trying to get some pictures shot without reading the manual.

LOL, okay only about three quarts true. I would read the manual. Anyway, my eyes are getting super tired, due to excessive usage of lappy and like watching tv/ less sleep. I actually aimed to sleep at twelve, but it always didn't quite work. :) tata.
Okay, i have been planning what i can do over at china. Other than the school work/homework/traveling-sightseeing-exploring i had to do.

a. Skipping
b. swimming
c. Jogging [But it's a little cold yeah?]
d. Disturb my room mate. [Guaranteed.]
e. Mat exercises
f. Dance [DUH.]
g. Watch movies/shows/repeat tv.
h. Photography
i. make new friends [But i am not social]
j. Facebook [I prolly die of boredom]
k. cook [There's not kitchen]
l. shopping [?]
m. I-touch [Bringing!]
n. Eat [Nt a very awesome idea.]
o. Youtube [You have got something to search first]
p. Editorials. [:)]
q. makeup [No]
r. disturb room mate [Best idea]
s. disturb room mate [She's fierce]
t. read books/bring bible [i can't possibly bring the whole library] - kidding but 30 books?!
u. puzzle books [not bad]
v. fiddle with pictures [:)]
w. blogging/journals [its' homework]
x. call home [every night]
y. stare into space. Jump around, go crazy/mad.
z. sleep. [highly]

That's prolly about it. Okay, at least i settled most of the nights. :) that's good.

Today i didn't really study much. I am really lazy, and prolly cant really study at home and procrastinate. Dearies.

Okay, watch another movie today, going to watch another. :) woopie weee. perhaps shall head to ep to settle laundry first. byebye. :)

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