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Sunday, February 20, 2011
Memorables. @ 8:19 AM

I think about love and then the other way.
If to live, to choose to live, to want to live, you don't have much choices right?

Anyway, i am probably going to stop blogging for awhile> Like i really have to sort my feelings, but something tells me that only blogging and writing journals actually made me thought better because all the complicated feelings are diverted.
Perhaps i just need some time alone. Perhaps God gave me this trial and opportunity to go china for a month for more, which i'd prolly get much stuffs cleared.

Honestly, i am missing a lot of things, i can't explain it, and i don't know why. I know i miss God and i know i need to save souls. Maybe China Trip wouldn't be that bad. :)
Got a lot to prepare. A bagguage of feelings, to come back differently, to meet every day like i had never before. Can i do it?

Yes. I think so. If there is anything to change about, i will be the change and then change the world.

so then.

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