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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
There can never be a moment more, or a moment less when i'm with you @ 10:14 AM

Hey, There there. Up here i have a few pictures. Felt so that i haven been that diligent in uploading and posting pictures anymore. This two are my classmates in poly. And most of them were heading to seoul garden which i didn't. I have no idea if it was a good thing or not. But i suppose it was. Anyway, my days were getting more slow paced, i guess due to the lack of activities i lay myself up for.

Well, nowadays i really haven got the mood or back on the track to entertain or make effort to socialize. Prolly would just hear me rant all day and talk about usual stuffs. I just told some one that i like him. Wasn't all that serious and he freaked out. Hilarious. These things amuses me. Of course i would not want to lose a friend because of this, but if it happens. It's really funny. Am i mad? But really. *laughs~*
Yes, that's me.
Went for a short CNY visiting, There were tons of pictures, but of course i didn't took them. Either way. Really loved being with them. An urge of sadness, don't ask me why.
did i tell you about my sister? Yeah, the one on the left. :) she's really cute. And i really love her, but some times family members are the ones you feel like choking most. ;)
Surprisingly she's the one that known me the longest. :) weird.

Alright. All the nonsense aside. Have been out for the whole day. Had to settle things and run errands. Swan like seven laps and ate porridge at pastamania. Weird right ? :)
I really heart boys with small eyes, and like wide thin smile. Kill me.

craving for coffee. And really maxed tired. Please let me sleep till the sun goes down. ;) hahaha. Not really that much, perhaps three? :) lala. I need to play with my cameras again. Heading to china soon. Hopefully i can really take good quality and quantity of pictures. Like, a month plus of worthy pictures. ;) awesome. :)

Alrights. Have to go already. :) byebye.
I don't know what to do about you, until God sends my love for me.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.